Posted on 7th February 2014

Spring Clean Your Home for a Seasonal Sale

Martin Williamson, Head of Residential PropertySpring will soon be upon us and that is the season when many home owners traditionally decide to spruce up their home with a view to putting it on the market. Here are some tips for prospective sellers thinking about putting the For Sale up outside their home in the coming months.

A home makeover can make all the difference as to whether you manage to sell your pride and joy or whether its left languishing on your estate agents books. Any decent agent will be able to advise the best way to market your home. However, a virtually cost-free mini makeover can make all the difference.

So, what can buyers do to make their homes more attractive, especially in the midst of a tough housing market?

Think minimal

Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter your home and make some space (or at least give the illusion of more space.) Potential buyers are often put off from a buying a house because of excess clutter. A good way of ensuring that your house is presented in the best possible light is to think as minimally as possible. Potential buyers need to be able to see that they can put their own stamp on a new home.

Neutral does it

Try to stick to neutral paint schemes when decorating your house for a sale. Theres a good reason why magnolia is such a popular colour in rental properties. This is because potential buyers can see that they can easily put their mark on a property without their vision of a new home being clouded by bold and overwhelming colour schemes

Dont forget the outside

In making your home market ready, dont neglect your garden. Clutter outside puts your property in as poor a light as jumble inside. Mow the grass, clear up any weeds and repair any broken fences, for instance.

Be pet safe

Granted you may love your pet, but not everyone can see past the over-enthusiastic greeting and the pet hairs. Leave your best friend with a relative for the day, and remember to vacuum away any hairs on the floor or furniture.

Give the illusion of space

If like in many modern homes space is at a premium, think about how you can best present your home to present the illusion of spaciousness.

Room to store

Many home owners use their back bedrooms or garages as storage space. There is nothing worse than when a prospective buyer on viewing your property encounters a mountain of junk in a space that should be used as an extra bedroom or as a garage. Pare your clutter down to the absolute minimum to achieve the illusion of space, and this will also help prospective buyers view see themselves actually living in your house.