Posted on 24th October 2007

Litigation is the Weakest Link in Divorce Disputes

Latimer Hinks is urging divorcing couples to follow the example of TVs Anne Robinson and reach an amicable financial settlement, before court proceedings start. Ms Robinson and her husband John Penrose are divorcing after 27 years of marriage, during which he guided her career. The couples divorce is expected to be finalised within a few weeks and Mr Penrose is reportedly receiving a large slice of his wifes multi-million pound fortune. Britains most senior family judge, Sir Mark Potter recently called for a review of the law on how couples assets are split. This follows a number of high-profile disputes, which have received considerable media attention. Judith Middleton, partner at Latimer Hinks and regional spokesperson for family law group Resolution said: Anne Robinson is one of a growing list of celebrities who has divorced her spouse quickly and quietly. For couples in the public eye who do not want their private details aired in court it is a real advantage to agree a settlement without getting the courts involved. Many couples believe that by fighting with their partner for every asset, they are protecting themselves financially, but an acrimonious and lengthy court battle usually only benefits the lawyers. The only way someone can really protect themselves financially is to avoid the big legal fees that litigation always entails and choose a solicitor who will adapt a non-confrontational approach to reaching a settlement. I am sure Sir Paul McCartney wishes he had followed this advice!