Posted on 19th March 2016

How to Crack a Sale this Easter

Easter traditionally heralds the start of the property-buying season. But it is also a time when many vendors go away for an Easter break, so its vital those trying to sell prepare in advance to make sure they arent missing out on viewings and potential offers.

With warmer weather should come the chance to show off your homes outdoor space. But if the leaves arent yet on the trees and the garden isnt blooming, it could still look a little desolate. Spending a little on some ready-filled planters or hanging baskets will help to give your garden, balcony or patio some colour.

Brighter, lighter days and nights will also show up any paintwork flaws or interior dirt, so a spring clean is vital so prospective buyers arent put off by a perceived amount of work to be done if they move in.

But, most important, is making sure your viewers can actually access your property to view. Choose an estate agent who will carry out viewings on your behalf make sure you leave a key with them before you go away. If you have to turn away interested viewers because you arent at home, there are no guarantees that they will return.

Put in some effort to make sure your home is spotless if you are heading away from the region for an Easter break. Empty your household rubbish bins to make sure there arent any off-putting smells, make sure all kitchen work surfaces are wiped clean and that your dishwasher is empty. Just as buyers are likely to open your kitchen cupboards, they may well take a look inside any integrated appliances.

Remember not to leave any washing hanging over your radiators, any fruit in your fruit bowl and any flowers in a vase as, by the time your viewers see your home, they may well be past their best. Even if you dont secure any viewings, coming home to a spotlessly tidy house will be a great feeling.

Also, your estate agent should have a mobile number for you in case they need to call you about an offer.

While the Easter weekend is a great time to head away for a few days to recharge your batteries, it is also the perfect opportunity for a spot of house-hunting. But by making sure you plan, and clean, in advance you will give yourself the best chance of achieving a sale in your absence.




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