Posted on 11th July 2014

Key Rooms to Help Attract Buyers

Martin Williamson, Head of Residential Property
By Martin Williamson, Head of Residential Property, Latimer Hinks Solicitors

Whether you're looking to sell or just fancy a revamp, it is important to keep your home in order, especially the most important rooms in the house as these are key to any prospective buyer or family member.

At the heart of any home is the living room the communal area for all the family to gather and discuss the events of the day or watch television. Others may argue that the kitchen is the most used room, but, according to research, this is far from the truth.

New research has revealed that the kitchen is the least used room in the home, as only one in 10 respondents said they spend most of their time there. In stark contrast, the living room is the room in which people spend the longest time with each other, according to 79.4% of those polled in an Ocean Finance survey.

As the property market continues to go from strength to strength, with the Halifax House Price Survey reporting that house prices rose by 8.7% in May, people who have seen their home linger on estate agents' books for some time should perhaps look at improving these key areas. This will ensure that their property stands out in a competitive market and potentially spark some interest.

One of these key areas includes the increasingly popular kitchen-diner, which creates further space to eat and allows families to enjoy their meals together in the living room. As nearly a third of survey respondents said they spend the least time together in the dining room, as people generally prefer to enjoy meals while watching TV, the addition of a quirky kitchen-diner may just be enough to impress prospective buyers.

Any prospective buyer should feel comfortable in their surroundings and picture themselves living there, so having additional features and home improvements to show off during viewings can only add to a propertys 'saleability'.

With the property market recovery continuing to spread throughout the country, there is no better time to consider a change in the home if you're looking to sell or if you simply want to create a better living environment.

Any changes made now can also benefit your future, as this could improve your home's re-sale value, creating a win-win situation.

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