Posted on 23rd December 2008

Darlington Solicitors Urge Landowners to Register

Latimer Hinks, the Darlington-based law firm, is encouraging more people to register their land to help identify and protect what they own, as government figures show that currently only 65% of land in the UK is registered.

Earlier this year, the firm launched an initiative to encourage landowners in the region to register land and have already made hundreds of applications, with more in the pipeline.

Anne Elliott, partner at Latimer Hinks, said: Voluntary land registration allows landowners to manage their property more effectively and to consolidate complex legal information or historic data to better protect their land against encroachment.

Having land registered usually provides the ultimate guarantee of evidence of ownership. It is also the most effective way to bring all documentation up to date and allows easy access to details online.

The sale and transfer of land with unregistered titles can be delayed, with potential additional expense to owners who wish to dispose of all or part of their holdings quickly. Deals involving unregistered land often take considerably longer to complete than those where the title is already registered with the Land Registry.

Anne added: It is well worth considering voluntarily applying to register land now. Registration may cost in the short term, although there is a reduced scale of fees where voluntary registration is concerned, but there should be a saving of time, money and potential disputes in the longer term.

The drive supports an initiative launched by Land Registry, the government department responsible for registering land ownership in England.

Harry Charlton, Register Development Manager for the North East, said: Were delighted so many have recognised the value of registration and would welcome enquiries from as many landowners as possible.