Posted on 16th February 2013

How the "Other Half "Lives: The Top "Must-Haves" for your Home

By Martin Williamson, Head of Residential Property, Latimer Hinks Solicitors

At a time when purse strings are being tightened and people are generally cutting back on household expenses, this week Im taking a somewhat ironic look at how the other half use their hard-earned cash to improve their homes.

From walk-in wardrobes to boiling and chilled water on tap, we reveal our top luxury household improvements. Such luxury enhancements can also add thousands to the price of your home, so even as mere mortals, it might be worth stretching the budget to invest in one of the more practical items on our must have list.

Not enough wardrobe space?

If youve run out of wardrobe space, the ultimate solution could be to buy your very own walk-in wardrobe. Or how about his and hers walk-in wardrobes? A recent study by De'Longhi revealed that 45% of modern women choose a walk-in wardrobe as the ultimate status symbol. This just screams luxury and can provide the perfect home for those Louboutins!

Boiled and chilled water on tap

If youre so stretched for time that you despair about the precious moments it takes to boil a kettle, the ultimate in luxury could be the constantly boiling tap. At the push of a button, this latest example of kitchen wizardry dispenses boiled or chilled water.

Wired for sound
A state-of-the-art sound system is the ultimate in luxury for many home owners. While purely an extravagance and something that you will generally take with you when you move, its nevertheless a fun item for the home. Think the best acoustic sounds and the ability to hear the latest music on your iPod in any room at any time by the click of a remote control. Bliss?

Mr and Mrs

For couples who need their own space in the bathroom, a Mr and Mrs bathroom suite could be the answer, and the ultimate in luxury. You just need the space to fit it in the first place!

Home cinema, anyone?

There is no doubt about it, televisions are increasing in size all the time, and a home cinema room could be the natural progression for some. As cinema-going numbers decline and TVs surpass 50-inches, serious show-offs might invest in their own private cinema room, a TV in the Jacuzzi, at the end of the bath or even as a splash back on your cooker!

The perfect garden

After the interior of your home has been transformed into your idea of perfection, the next step is to landscape. Buying plants and even trees for the garden will not only ensure that the outside of your home looks good, and is the perfect place to host parties and BBQs but will also add value to your home. Established trees, box hedging and on occasion some lavish topiary will do wonders for a sale.

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