Posted on 10th October 2018

Autumn Ushers in Fresh Opportunities for Property Sales

Martin Williamson, Director and Head of Residential Property

  The memories of those endless summer months of blue skies, searing temperatures and the seemingly ever-present threat of a hosepipe ban have started to recede.

Dusk arrives more quickly with the passing of each evening and while autumn’s metrological arrival signals brisker temperatures and slightly more encouraging reservoir levels - it also marks the start of a traditionally busier period for the property market.

The kids have returned to school, the holiday suitcases are back on top of the wardrobe and the distractions of those long summer nights have evaporated.

Spring is traditionally the most popular time to buy and sell a property followed by autumn, so sellers should take advantage of the opportunities ushered in by the arrival of the golden months.

The reasons are many and varied and sales figures will always be influenced by such factors as supply and demand, interest rates and other economic influences.

However, autumn is generally a positive period for homebuyers who are looking to move with a view to settling in ready to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year.

First of all, as the nights draw in, try to arrange any viewings in daylight when potential buyers can literally see everything in the best light.

If that’s not possible, all rooms should be brightly lit to provide a welcome from the gathering shadows outside.

As temperatures begin to fall, ensure the home is warmed before any viewing takes place. It’s more than just flicking on the central heating - it’s about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A property will appear much cosier if it has the benefit of a traditional fireplace, log burner or living flame-style gas or electric fire. Strategically placed candles also maximise the effect.

Autumn is a time when we tend to close our windows and clothes and towels are often left to dry on radiators. One problem which can arise is that of related dampness and condensation which may set alarm bells ringing among potential buyers.

A dehumidifier is a quick and handy way to banish any musty smells together with regularly opening windows to air the rooms.

After a long dry summer any garden space can quickly turn into a muddy morass, especially with children running in and out. Pay attention to any unsightly trails and clean any carpets and rugs. Householders can hire a carpet cleaner or enlist the services of a professional if they don’t fancy exerting a little elbow grease themselves.

Also ensure that the detritus of summer is cleared away – such as a discarded tennis racquets, goalposts, barbeques, paddling pools, and that any garden, yard and side returns are in pristine condition.

Clear autumnal leaves and ensure you have plants – either in the garden or pots and window boxes – which always adds a cheerful splash of colour.

It is often easy to forget the windows as the light begins to fade but ensure they are sparkling clean to avoid the golden rays of a lower lying sun picking out any dust and grime.

Inside, attention should be devoted to the décor. Use warm autumnal colours if repainting any walls and reflect such hues in the use of soft furnishings and rich coloured fabrics to emphasise comfort and cosiness.

Finally, don’t forget to tackle the obligatory collection of wellies, boots and coats often dumped in the hallway at this time of year to avoid a feeling of clutter and lack of space.

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