Posted on 27th May 2016

How to Speed up the Sale of your Property

Martin Williamson, Head of Residential Property
Martin Williamson, Director and Head of Residential Property

This can be a frustrating time of year for prospective property sellers. Many people put their home on the market as spring begins, expecting to receive an offer within weeks. But when viewings aren't forthcoming and there's no offer anywhere close to the asking price, it's easy to become disillusioned. However, there are steps you can take which could speed up a sale this summer.

A Thousand Words

The old adage of a picture telling a thousand words really does hold true when it comes to selling property. The vast majority of buyers start their search online, only deciding if they want to arrange a viewing after clicking through a listing’s images. If you aren’t happy with the shots your agent has taken, don’t be afraid to ask them to return. It could make all the difference when it comes to getting people through the door.

In the Detail

There are, however, many things a potential buyer won’t be able to find out online. ­No one knows your property like you, so be sure to impart the details which really make a house a home. For instance, do you have neighbours with children who are the same age as your viewers? Are there events or groups in your area they could be interested in attending? Does the farm nearby sell fresh eggs?

Temperature Control

The North East weather is unpredictable, even in summertime, so it could be a good idea to turn the heating on before your viewing. Equally, you don’t want prospective buyers entering a conservatory or a room with south-facing windows and to be left with the impression that it’s unbearably hot during sunny months.


While you don’t want to remove the homeliness from your home, all of your photos, knick-knacks, fridge magnets and children’s drawings could stop viewers from imagining how their own furnishings will look in a property. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or relative who will let you store a few boxes, then it could be a good idea to package some of your own items up and remove them from your home completely. After all, your buyer is purchasing their new home, not your old one.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to show off your home’s outside space, whether you have a huge garden or a tiny yard. If you aren’t the most green fingered of families, then buying ready planted pots could provide a welcoming splash of colour.


Just as having a clean, tidy, presentable home is vital, so too is your willingness to move quickly. If a buyer falls in love with your property, they will want to know you are as committed as they are to getting a deal done as quickly as possible. Do your research in advance and choose a solicitor who will help you through the journey from offer to exchange, so you can ensure your buyers can move in swiftly and you can move on to your next home.

By helping your buyers to see your property in its best light and making sure you have appointed the right people to help you through the process, you will give yourself the best chance of making a sale.