Posted on 13th December 2018

Town or Country - Where will Suit you Best?

One of the best things about living in Darlington, Stockton, and the surrounding areas is that whether you prefer living in the town, the suburbs, a village or the countryside, there are properties available for you.


Our region has some desirable areas for property buyers, including the picturesque Middleton-St-George, the charm of Yarm, or the attractive West End in Darlington. It also boasts more affordable housing, which is closer to high streets and bus routes, and are ideal for people who are keen to have those conveniences in close proximity.

I spoke to John Coleman from GCS Grays Estate Agent, who said: “Tees Valley has fantastic properties to suit every style and budget. From the lovely older properties in Yarm and Stokesley, including many listed buildings, to the attractive new builds in areas including Ingleby Barwick and Middleton St George, there is a great deal to choose from. The market certainly boasts some of the best houses in the country at a fraction of the cost.”

Whether your living environment choice is more Eastenders, The Archers, or Emmerdale, there are the pros and cons that you need to consider.

Town Centre

In Tees Valley, town living tends to be less expensive, both in terms of renting and buying. Stockton and Darlington are famed for their links to the railways, so both areas have hubs of terraced houses close to the centres, where the workers would have lived in the mid to late 1800s. These houses tend to be two up two down, with an extension fitted after 1960. 

These properties are likely to be closer to transport links, such as buses, trains, and main roads, making them easily accessible for commuters. This makes them ideal for young professionals, looking to get on the first rung of the property ladder or those wanting to rent.

However, these areas are often difficult for parking or become permit holder only spaces, and this can prove costly for residents. They are also considered to be smaller properties, with fewer bedrooms on offer.

The Suburbs

The suburbs are a desirable place to live, as they are close enough to town and city centres to be easily accessible. They usually have the features that homeowners prioritise including a driveway, a front and back garden, and an upstairs bathroom. They are also, more often than not, semi-detached or detached properties, which are more popular than terraces.

The streets tend to be quieter, and more sheltered, making them safer for children to play in.

Suburban housing estates are more suited to individuals and families with cars, than those who rely on public transport, as residents usually need to walk to the nearest main road to access the bus stop. This can often be quite a distance, and not as convenient for a frequent commute.


Houses in the villages surrounding Stockton and Darlington are always popular, and frequently sell for higher prices that similar properties closer to the town centres.

Villages usually have a fantastic reputation for safety, good schools with smaller class sizes, and a sense of community. Village pubs are, of course, a staple of British culture.

However, when public transport is cut, village services are often the first to be pared down, making it isolating for people living there who do not have access to their own vehicle.

Whatever your personal taste in environment, Darlington and Stockton have many different properties waiting to be a home.

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