Often, we may manage a client’s property and financial needs until death and where there are issues of capacity and we regularly become more involved over time as they grow older or their health deteriorates.

As professional and experienced legal advisors who specialise in all areas of capacity, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts and elderly and vulnerable client needs, we are well placed to manage our clients’ property and financial affairs.

A typical “Personal Affairs” client may be a long-standing client for whom we have acted for many years but we are regularly approached by new clients or by other professionals to assist in this area of work.

In all instances we will familiarise ourselves with a potential client’s existing arrangements.  Thereafter, we may advise them to undertake planning where there may be gaps or where we feel, in our opinion, they may be exposed to potential risks.

We will also familiarise ourselves and work within a client’s existing support network of financial advisors, accountants and trusted family members and friends.  Where there are no such advisors in place but these are needed, such as where financial advice is required, we will seek the advice and support of suitably qualified professionals known to and trusted by us.  We will always act in accordance with our duties and responsibilities.

Importantly, we wish for our clients to be in charge of their own affairs and retain as much control over them for as long as possible.  We will always let their needs and wishes dictate the level our involvement.

Continuity is often important for our clients and where we assist them with their property and financial affairs, we will also be appointed as Executors and Trustees of their Wills and, where applicable, Trusts to administer their affairs after death.

The benefits of our Personal Affairs Service include knowing that your affairs will be dealt with to the standards expected from professionals specialising in such matters.  There is also comfort in knowing that as independent and professional advisors, we will not be influenced by third parties and will only act in and serve our clients’ best interests.  Our clients appreciate the peace of mind this gives them.

Our team forms close bonds and relationships with our clients and it is testament to the strength of these relationships that we will often build lasting professional friendships.  We will visit clients in their homes as often as circumstances dictate or as often as clients will request us to.

Our team can assist you in relation to:

  • Attending to all your property and financial affairs needs
  • Liaising and working with existing professional advisors such as accountants and financial advisors
  • Liaising and working with close family and friends
  • Powers of Attorney, Wills and Trust arrangements
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Personal taxation matters
  • Care funding needs
  • Entitlements to State Benefits
  • Health and care decisions
  • Livings Wills and Advance Decisions