Mortgages & remortgages

For many transactions, purchasers will require mortgages to enable them to buy their home. Existing homeowners will seek new mortgage products when releasing equity or moving towards more favourable borrowing terms.


Most of us will need the assistance of a mortgage to buy our new home, whether a house or a flat.

Nearly all of the main high street mortgage lenders are happy for the solicitors acting for the buyer of the property to also act for the mortgage lender to ensure that the mortgage is properly secured against the property on completion and to carry out all the necessary checks to ensure the property passes the mortgage company’s tests to be good security.

As part of the purchasing process, we will arrange for the drawdown of mortgage funds in appropriate time to be used for the completion.


If you already own your own home and you are thinking of switching mortgage lender, whether that is to obtain a more favourable interest rate or perhaps as part of the process of borrowing additional funds, we can act for both you and your mortgage lender.

Some lenders do, however, require solicitors to treat a remortgage application in the same way as a mortgage associated with a purchase. In all cases though, we will check the formalities required by the mortgage lender and advise you if there are any means of simplifying the process.

Our team can advise you on:

  • Mortgage lender formalities and requirements
  • Land Registry formalities