Claire Conway

Claire Conway

Tax and Trust advisor, Private Client

Claire joined Latimer Hinks in 2004 having previously worked for a regional firm of solicitors. Claire is a key member of the company’s Trust Department overseeing the many Trusts it manages as a specialist tax and Trust advisor.

Areas of practice:

Working within the annual tax cycle, Claire is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the preparation of Tax Returns for Trusts, individuals and estates, specialising in Income, Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax.

Claire oversees the annual management of Trusts including preparing and submitting Tax Returns, preparing annual Trust Accounts and tax computations, settling tax due, advising lay and professional Trustees and arranging distributions and tax repayments for beneficiaries.  Importantly, Claire ensures all Trust compliance issues, such TRS (Trust Registration Services) are adhered to.

Due to the nature and longevity of Trust work in general, Claire works closely with Trustees, beneficiaries and many notable regional and national financial advisors and brokerages, building strong and lasting relationships with them.

Claire’s reputation for attention to detail and technical knowledge means she will often be referred work by other law firms and professional advisors.

Recent matters:

  • Managing several high value Trusts with significant assets, London property and oversees beneficiaries
  • Managing the Trusts of a high net worth client undertaking significant Inheritance Tax and asset protection planning, with the regular creation of new Trusts every 7 years
  • Overseeing the annual administration of several Trusts with significant share portfolios concerning key London brokerages
  • Administration a “farming” Trust with agricultural assets and distributing income to non-Income Tax paying beneficiaries
  • The ongoing administration of various long-standing family Trusts holding various mixed assets of rental properties, bonds and other investments

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