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17th September 2018

Two of the most popular methods are loft conversions and extensions - although such projects should be carefully costed as, in some circumstances, it could be cheaper to simply move home. Usually the more bedrooms a property has, the greater its value, although it’s important to consider every street has ... Read More

5th September 2018

Often it’s simply down to tackling all those little jobs that many homeowners have grown to live with over the years and have long since stopped seeing as a problem. However, that cracked pane of glass, dripping tap, unpainted section of skirting board and missing tile can easily combine to ... Read More

28th August 2018

It follows a recent High Court case in which a son brought a proprietary estoppel action against his father and brother, claiming he was repeatedly assured he would eventually inherit the £8m family farm he had worked on since the 1970s. Instead, his father changed his mind and transferred it ... Read More

23rd August 2018

However, one in five buyers don’t choose to have a building survey on a property they are about to stake tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds upon. Most buyers focus on the main expense of meeting the monthly mortgage payments and often overlook other necessary expenditure including mortgage fees ... Read More

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