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9th August 2019

With more properties than ever before being rented out, it is important to establish who is responsible for the upkeep of the property, to ensure standards are met. After all, no one wants to live in a property that is unpleasant, and any landlord worth their salt doesn’t want to ... Read More

8th August 2019

Recent research by Hamptons International found that 15 per cent of rental properties in the North East are occupied by over 50s, the same as the national average. The same study estimates that, in 2019, 791,580 homes in Great Britain are rented by people aged 50 plus, which is 61 ... Read More

29th July 2019

The Guardianship (Missing Person’s) Act 2017, known as ‘Claudia’s Law’ after missing chef Claudia Lawrence, who disappeared on 18 March 2009 while travelling to work at the University of York, will be introduced from 31 July 2019.   It will allow the relatives of a missing individual to apply to become ... Read More

24th July 2019

The summer is an excellent time to review whether or not you are making the best use of APR and BPR, as the Autumn Budget will be upon us again shortly. Significant financial legislation is often reviewed in the Autumn Budget. What are APR and BPR, and how can they ... Read More

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